Saturday, 28 April 2012

Round up

I took a planter down from the outside window ledge  this morning to rescue the plant pots bobbing about in the excess rain.  Turn my back and Sammy duck has jumped in whilst Olga and Jemima fluff their feathers.

The broad beans seedlings are thriving on neglect.

The pepper plants which the children are growing from seed are shooting away and may need to be transplanted soon.

The apple blossom is here; my favorite of all the blossoms.

Looks like we may have a good cherry crop this year too providing the blossoms aren't damaged - oh, and providing I get to them before the birds too!

The willow dome is heading skywards.

The seat which Craig made to go in the willow dome is aging nicely.

Weekend living with monopoly and knitting.  Lovely cup of flowers there that a precious little girl gave me the other day.

A very good friend happened to come across some amazing pictures which were most likely used in schools in the late 1920's or 1930's.  They're very 'different' and I suspect it's a love/hate thing, but I love them.  She very generously gave me five and I took four which are headed for my dining room to an arts dealer for framing this morning.  I could have framed them myself but they're so old, delicate and beautiful that I wanted them done properly.  The fifth one is similar but slightly different.  It's heading towards Miles' room.  I must show you the others once they're done.

Cheeky chimps getting under my feet in the kitchen.

We took delivery of a new stock of science books.  Goodness, look at the girth of book two!  I feel a bit giddy just looking at it.

A fellow home ed mama made me a very kind offer which I couldn't refuse this week.  Science is her thing and she is willing to have Hermione join in with her children for a weekly science experiment. We follow the same Galore Park books so they will do their 'book' work individually, but come together to do practical things.  I'm so thrilled because I know Hermione is happy and comfortable  in the company of the children concerned, and I know that the mum in question will make science much more exciting than I can.

A huddle of hens - and a duck who grew up with chicks not ducklings and considers himself to be a hen. Oh dear, the hens know he's not a hen but the ducks don't want him either because he spends too much time hanging out with hens.

Dairy free baked lemon cheesecake, made at great expense for Miles, who doesn't tolerate dairy.  It tasted good but I shan't be making it again.  Miles declared it was nice, but not at all as nice as he had hoped it would be.  The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it but then I could have made it with dairy soft cheese for us and saved a wee fortune.

When I posted about my excitement at picking up bargain cut mint in the supermarket, a lady posted to say she had sprouted hers in water and planted it.  I took down a few sprigs which I had hung to dry, not expecting it to take as it had hung on the rack above the oven for a couple of days, but it has!  I'll plant it tomorrow.


Amanda said...

the poster looks stunning. I recently had some small prints framed and was slightly shocked at how much it costs! Framing eck! ;)

Claire said...

Yes, it's not cheap, but having said that I looked at ikea frames and was going to be paying around £15, then I would have had to buy the backing mount separately. The framing people are just charging £23 for a better quality frame, backing and special fixing stuff. Still not cheap but managed to justify it to myself :-)

Amanda said...

I justified it too. they do a lot better than the "cheap" !! frames i had them in originally.