Monday, 9 April 2012

More seasonal loveliness

Yay, the Bunny came!

As per our usual Easter Sunday habit we turned out to wave on the riders in the Bike Wise Egg Run. This year over four hundred motorcyclists took part, many dressed up, on a journey to deliver chocolate eggs to the local children's wards.

It's difficult to snap moving targets; oh what I would give to have managed a good snap of an elderly lady riding pillion in a yellow babygrow with pom pom tail! She looked the business and no doubt brought a smile to lots of faces.

I did manage to snap this sporty police driver as he slowed to marshall the traffic; complete with bunny ears on his helmet and a stuffed rabbit strapped to his back!

We later headed on out with our bikes. We headed back to one of our favorite riding spots which we haven't had the courage to go to for the best part of a year - since the day Miles rode down a steep grassy bank into the pond! Thankfully everyone stayed on dry land this time.

Rolling boiled eggs down a grassy bank. Ah, Miles still hasn't grasped the rolling bit *sigh*. That's the egg hurtling through the air up by the tree.

Yep, we really did climb all the way up that hill to roll our eggs. Judging from the amount of smashed and squishy eggs lying around come late Sunday afternoon, I think a good few hundred children had done likewise over the course of the weekend.

The beautiful tulips which a good friend surprised me with the other day have opened up to reveal flowers within the flower! They're beautiful and are slightly more robust than standard tulips.

All that talk of seventies food the other day inspired me to rustle up a Baked Alaska this evening.

It's a number of years since I last made one, but I have to say, I think this was my best yet. I shan't be making it again for a fair while though as it lead me into overindulgence I fear. If anyone spots my willpower when they're out and about please send it back to me.

I'm off to ponder self patterning sock wool. I would like to knit some with a Fair Isle type pattern because we're becoming totally striped out! If you check out this link and click on the paint palette it will open up lots of lovely different self patterning sock wools. Oh, decisions decisions! I'm not actually going to order it yet; I have time to think. A friend's sister is opening a wool shop this month and she's going to be stocking it, so, if any local sock knitters out there are reading this, please look but don't buy just yet xx


Sarah said...

Happy Easter! The baked Alaska looks awesome :)

I am a teeny bit excited by the prospect of a local(ish) wool shop.

Claire said...

It's Helen's sister who is setting up shop. It's going to be in Prudhoe. I think there could be crafty gatherings and workshops in the pipeline there. Very exciting :-)