Monday, 30 April 2012

Making me smile today

1. Sneaky day time blogging while Hermione is out with a friend and Miles is busy watching a quiz show with Nana.

2.  My new stick on blackboard.  I have no excuses for being disorganized now that I can chalk the contents of my head onto the fridge door!

3.  Removing one picture from a frame to rediscover the picture behind it.  Can't read the text on this picture and can't be bothered to go and look, but it says something along the lines of, 'easy does it....if I catch it I can eat it'.

4.  Saffy, one of our most infamous hens presented at deaths door yesterday.  Hermione was overwrought.   Thankfully lots of TLC, to include being hand fed apple cores and other vitamin rich snacks, indoor accommodation (!!!) over night, and she's much brighter today.

5.  Men at work.


Fay Gibson said...

Ooooo I can see the colour in the background. It looks fab!!! Poor Saffy - I hope she's better. I bet Hermione was horrified!! She is one lucky hen!

Amanda said...

love the blue...
pleased that the poorly hen has recovered.
and I love the print and blackboard :)

Claire said...

I'll have to put up some pics of our new blue room when it's done :-)