Sunday, 22 April 2012

Seeking solace in Bluebell Woods

Knowing that the week ahead will be busy, and I daresay rather trying on some fronts, I was adamant that today would be spent skipping amongst dusty bluebells, filling my essential reserves and generally manifesting a smooth passage through the coming days.

Well, there were bluebells, lots of bluebells; but no skipping, reserve filling or manifesting.  Craig thought it would be a good idea to allow the children to wander far ahead while we ambled and he reminisced about his own youth spent in woodlands.  Yep, you know the rest, two children lost in the woods, paths that had morphed into bogs amidst all the recent chuckdowns (that's a Miles-ism) and, to top it off, yet another torrential downpour.

Thankfully Craig found the children relatively quickly and we then spent a fair while shouting echoic messages across the woodland trying to relocate each other.   During this time I snapped away at bluebells, mud, more bluebells, more mud, puddles and worms.  The worms seemed to be really happy today and I can't say that's something I've ever noticed before.

Ah, what can I say?  I'm hopeful that some local mamas will feel my disappointment and join me in a little song and dance before the bluebells join the mulch of the forest floor.

In the meantime I'm going to psyche myself up for another week of complete and utter domestic chaos, brought about by Craig's somewhat ridiculous decorating plan.  Did you know, if you have various rooms in your home to decorate, then the thing to do is to push the contents of each and every room into a central heap, cover with dust sheets, then proceed to paint each ceiling, followed by filling cracks in each room, sanding wood work in each room...?.  I guess you didn't know that, but it's clear to see this method was thought up by someone who works long hours and is not generally at home trying to educate the children.  This is the 'maximum chaos' method.  

Also, this is the week Hermione must have the first aspect of her Arts Award completed.  Yikes, it's all kind of caught up on us in the general mayhem of domestic life right now.  The color printer is unreliable and to be quite honest I'm not feeling personally reliable either!  I fear I may be drawn back for another attempt to skip amongst bluebells...

Looking on the ever so bright, but also ever so busy, side, I'm having dinner with two of my lovely friends this week.  One is a fellow home ed mama and the other is a friend of old; one who bless her socks has hung around for over twenty years during which time she's witnessed a lot!   Exciting stuff.

I'm off now to raise a glass to sanity and domestic harmony.


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