Saturday, 21 April 2012

Working up a sweat

Entirely random, but just had to share - my baby has lost his first baby tooth!  

The children got to choose what we did today.  They opted for the beach and the ice cream parlor.  I want to know why it is that when children eat hideously colored foods they become hyper, yet no amount of food coloring impacts on my energy levels.

The sea was wild and majestic today; rough but not alarmingly so.  Big peaks and lots of frothy foam.

Before heading down to the beach I called into a little homeware shop on the promenade. Craig and the children went on ahead.  This is the sight I was confronted with when I finally ambled on down.  I decided to snap it as Miles often lies down on the grass (or  wherever he is) and me and my friends have a  little chuckle about it.  There you go, he gets it from his father!

As I got closer to them I realised he was actually doing a bit of work - on the phone to the office.  I wonder if the person he was speaking to about machine maintenance realised he was lying flat out in the shingle, staring at the sky, while his children clambered over rocks disappearing into the frothy sea....

Not to worry, tomorrow I get to choose where we go and there will be no blue food coloring in sight! 


Fay Gibson said...

That's so funny. I thought it was Miles at first!! Yes, it's now clear where he gets it from!

Bridget said...

Oh my goodness, that ice-cream looks so yummy. I could just go for one of them just now!