Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter gathering with friends

We met with friends today to celebrate the season. Older children ran ahead and hid home made treasures in the woodland for the younger ones to find. There were some beautiful things - not a chocolate egg in sight!

All of the treasures were placed on the table and the children chose. We came home with some dainty little flowers, painted bug and some wonderful spangly things too. The shiny silver parcels were dried apricots. I've snaffled Hermione's and only hope she's not too cross with me!

More hill climbing and egg rolling! I didn't climb the hill this time; I stood at the bottom trying not to be splattered when Miles launched his. The sun was blazing and all in the garden was rosy.

We tied strips of yellow gingham fabric to sticks and the children ran with them like windsocks.

They made good patterns too!

Little faces were transformed by a mama who has turned out to be a whizz with the facepaints. We think she should hire herself out for children's parties.

The paints had hardly time to dry before the heavens opened. In minutes there were rivers rushing down the sides of the paths.

Hey ho, we had lots of fun and the mad wet dash to the car certainly got the circulation flowing.


Amanda said...

apart from the rain it sounds lovely!!

dawny said...

What a lovely time :-) xxx

Claire said...

It certainly was :-)