Thursday, 5 April 2012

Freaky Weather

Sitting outside in the sunshine, with no coat, knitting my second daddy sized sock, it was hard to believe that only yesterday we had snow.

We had enough snow to justify the first outing of my flowered wellies. Is it just me or do other ladies find that wellies are ever so snug around the top of their legs? Are they increasingly being made for lean legged ladies or is it just that my own personal pins are becoming increasingly trunk like?

My shooting chard transformed with white muffin tops.

A snowman called Indian; something to do with the feather apparently. Indian's bottom is the only tell tale sign that yesterday we had snow - everywhere else is back to lush green and unfurling leaves.

Toasting marshmallows at the fire; better than the fire pit when there's snow on the ground!

Mmmmm mmmm...

Well, what will tomorrow bring? On the basis it's a bank holiday I'd happily wage a bet on rain.

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