Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bees and blooms

Miles and I spent a lovely morning earlier this week at out local Botanic Gardens. We admired the waterlilies.

Wandered by great swathes of wild flowers.

Watched in awe as the worker bees did their thing. We're going to keep coming back throughout the summer to monitor the progress of the bees. There is a lot of comb yet to be pulled out and filled.

The on site cafe has been revamped and we found a cosy corner to cuddle up with a drink and finish reading My Father's Dragon. Miles really enjoyed this book and I have to say that I preferred it on my second visit - I wasn't that keen when I read it a few years ago with Hermione.

We later met up with Hermione who was anything but chilled - more hyper I would say after a two hour Street Dance workshop!

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