Saturday, 24 July 2010

Great girly day

Hermione and I hit the town today - on our own!
No large or small boys, just frizolous girly fun.

Oxfam has done me proud today. We are blessed to have not only a bog standard Oxfam Shop in town, but also an Oxfam Boutique and an Oxfam Book Shop.

I found some spangly scholl's in the boutique. A bargain at only £7.99 when they have scarcely been worn. I couldn't wait to get them on and clip clop about on our cobbled streets. There was a morris dancing event on in town today but I think I gave them a run for their money *grin*.

One of the dance groups really caught my eye. I've found them on the web because they had their name on their drums. They were the Flag Crackers of Craven. Should they pass by your town I suggest you go and check them out. They were fun.

On to the Book Shop I indulged my love of old Ladybird books. I've not come across this one before. It was published well before my youth, back in 1952. So, not one for reminiscing, rather for discovering afresh - with the children of course!

I had forgotten all about Hannibal till I spotted these two titles. This series was published in 1976 and I loved it as a child. I'm seriously excited about reading these to the children.

For lunch we decided to try somewhere we've not been before. We ended up in one of the smallest, quaintest cafes I have ever visited. I didn't have my camera with me but someone else has blogged about their visit and you can see lots of good pictures here. I was caught out because they didn't accept any form of plastic so Hermione and I ended up sharing a savoury pancake (Mediterranean vegetables with pine nuts) and then a sweet pancake (milk chocolate, pecan syrup and vanilla ice cream). Despite sharing we were both satisfied and all fired up to hit the shops again. I hope to go back here with friends soon.
Having picked up a few more odds and ends, to include fabric dye and elastic bands for a tie dying project, we hit the spa. Swimming, steaming and lounging in the dimly lit sauna eased away the shopping induced aches and pains. A cappuccino, a leisurely flick through some magazines and a dip in the jacuzzi rounded our day off nicely.
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Lynn said...

Sounds fab!!I love charity shops:-)

Sarah said...

Sounds wonderful :-)

Claire said...

I think the Monday mums should hit the Pancake Cafe one week soon. It's probably closer than our usual haunt. x

Sarah said...

The Pancake Cafe looks lovely - will seek it out!