Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ouch!! Laid bare challenge.

I'm really enjoying a blog I have recently discovered called Childhood Magic. It is written by a lady who was herself home schooled in the Steiner method and is now homeschooling her own children that way. Her blog is buzzing, colourful and beautiful.

I was really interested to read this post. My appearance, well my weight to be precise, causes me great anxieties. I have pondered for the last couple of days and have decided that it would probably be beneficial to me to stop hiding and 'come out' for want of a better word.

So, without further ado, here I am. Firstly from a distance. Let's do this gently.

Secondly, looking rather docile in the mirror. It's trickier than you think this photographing yourself!

Lastly a close up - warts and all. Well, not so much warts, thankfully that's one of few things I don't actually have, but crows feet, visible pores, one eye completely different to the other and a rather odd mouth too.

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Hey ho, there you go! I've not even pressed 'publish' yet and I'm feeling a sense of liberation. Am I tempting you to take the plunge? Please leave a comment to let me know if you decide to.


dawny said...

hey Claire it's really nice to see you :-)
We're all a bit more ample thann we once were ;-)
love your hair !!

Sarah said...

I know you're not posting for compliments, but I think you're a really beautiful mama :-)

Not sure I can do this myself though....

Jenny Bear said...

You know you are beautiful.

Claire said...

Thank you ladies :-) Why is it so difficult to see ourselves as others do?

Sarah said...

Oh what a shame - I just started looking at that blog and the lady who writes it has decided to stop :-(

Claire said...

I know, I just went to look this morning and it's gone :-( Such a shame as she had some fab ideas. Hopefully she will decide to put her old posts back up.