Friday, 23 July 2010

Poppy heads 'n' stuff

Quick round up of the week.
I finished reading The Iron Man to Miles. As expected, he liked it a lot. There has been much talk round here of monsters flying to the sun.
We cosied in front of the fire one rainy afternoon and built duplo towers to the ceiling.

When the sun shone I sat in the garden and sewed poppy heads to a willow wreath..

...and watched young love.

We went on a home ed trip to Durham Cathedral with the younger age group. I think it was a success. We certainly enjoyed it and I've had good feed back. The children helped a large monk puppet called Eggfroth to find animals which he had lost. Each animal revealed a story about the Cathedral.

It's good that we are building a positive relationship with the education staff there. They are happy to chat with me about facilitating tours and workshops for any age and on any topic connected to the Cathedral - art, architecture, history, religion etc. They gave me details of new workshops they will be putting on later in the year. Providing I can muster the time and energy I will arrange one for the younger group and one for the older group.

Hermione and I watched Pride and Prejudice on DVD. We are going to see it at the theatre later this year so thought it would be an idea to familiarise Hermione with the plot in advance. I enjoyed it. I think it is the first time I have actually preferred a film to the book. Having said that I'm not a huge Jane Austen fan.

We've had a couple of picnics with friends and played lots of ball games in the garden. I'm really delighted that the children love being active and out in the garden - I only wish they didn't expect such high levels of activity from me! I've never played dodgeball so much in my life as I have in the last week!

I have borrowed this book from the library at our Parent and Child Group. I was delighted to see it there as I've heard good things about it but haven't yet saved the pennies to buy it. I've just glanced through it so far but it looks good .

Got to go. Hermione has just asked if we can talk about gerbil nutrition. She's concerned that her gerbils may not be getting enough fibre and also that their balance of starchy/sugary carbs is not right. Off to have another one of those conversations that I never thought possible before becoming a mama.

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