Thursday, 1 July 2010

Grave diggers and grave robbers

'Come along children, let's see what we can see in the pond today!' I wasn't expecting to find a dead mouse half submerged in there. It's little face was still dry and fury. It's body was waterlogged.
After much ooohing and aaaahing it was decided it would be given a real good send off. It was placed in a cardboard coffin, a large hole dug in the border and Hermione read a touching eulogy about the life of a mouse. Miles sang and a candle was lit. Afterwards there was tea and sandwiches.
The hens are always very interested in any area where the soil has been disturbed as they love worms. Consequently the pair of them were on grave robber alert for the rest of the afternoon just in case a rascally hen tried to dig up poor mousey.
It goes without saying I'm not pleased about the little mouse's sad demise, but it did enable me to plant out my beetroot in peace.
Oh no - my blog's doing that freaky format thing again!

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