Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wind gifts and Waldorf doll

We walked out yesterday to visit some horses in a near by field. Sadly they weren't around.

I can't say I noticed at the time, but there's something quite entrancing about that cloud scape.

It certainly wasn't a wasted trip though. We filled our lungs with an ever so fresh breeze and collected many wind gifts on the journey. Back at home Miles laid them out in patterns on the table before arranging them in a basket. Prized possessions indeed!

With the children tucked up sound in bed I set to making a Waldorf doll. As it was my first attempt I used a kit which I picked up for a couple of pounds at our local Steiner gathering. I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out for a first attempt. I think I'll modify the pattern before making another though - the arms are very King Kong - like.

One thing I really regret is coming to crafts relatively late in the children's early years. Before becoming a mama I wasn't at all crafty. I now realise that I could have been getting lots of relaxation and pleasure form it for much longer - and my children could have had things like Waldorf dollies when they were actually more interested in dollies than they are now! Ho hum, I'll be quick off the mark with the dolly making when I become a granny *grin*.
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Sarah said...

Before becoming a mama I wasn't at all crafty.

I can relate ;-)

Claire said...

You are well on the way to being very crafty :-)