Sunday, 18 July 2010

Raw, Dens, Nasreddin and Brass...

I've got onto a bit of a roll with the Steiner inspired home/play styling. We now have a floaty den in the play room. It's cute. We've all enjoyed cosying up in it. Miles wanted to go to sleep in there tonight! I wonder how long it will last. It's not entirely robust.

Yesterday we enjoyed some street entertainment in the form of a selection of brass bands. They were performing as part of our city's Brass Festival. Some of it was seriously cool. The children were very enthusiastic about it too - although in fairness I think their enthusiasm waned well before mine, particularly in light of the persistent drizzle.

Sensing that Craig was struggling with one kite and two very eager children this morning, I quickly knocked up this contraption below. I'd like to say it was all my own idea, but wasn't. The children played with something just like this at friend's a couple of weeks ago.

It's a bean bag, (or out of date rice bag in our case), with a small handle sewn to one end and lots of ribbons sewn to the other end. You throw it up high and it comes whizzing down with ribbons flailing on up behind it. It only took five minutes or so to make once I had found the bits and pieces and I was ever so pleased with myself when I called out the door, 'look' and threw it up to show them. PLOP. It landed on the roof. Thankfully it just landed on a single story and Craig managed to retrieve it with a stick.

Once the novelty had worn off kite flying and the ribbon dive bombery thingery Craig took the children swimming and to the park. Usually I hate being away from the children, even if they are out with Craig or Nana, but today I welcomed the opportunity for more head space. I finished lots of itty bitty jobs that had been playing on my mind. I tapped into and felt totally inspired by a couple of raw friends. So inspired that I rustled up a raw chocolaty concoction which went down ever so well with a nice cuppa chai.

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I called a couple of friends who I had not spoken to for a wee while and had a really long catch up. Precious peeps.
I also read a story about Mullah Nasreddin and how he was one day found on his hands and knees, searching for his keys, right outside of his house. When asked where he had last had them, he explained that he had last seen them inside of his house, but that it was easier to search for them outside in the light rather than inside in the darkness. This really resonated with me today. Over the past couple of days I have felt overwhelmed at times. I realise now that it's good to search wide, but I mustn't stop looking within.

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