Monday, 5 July 2010

Beyond The Silence

It's rare that I find time to pick up a novel. I generally find myself frantically flicking through reference books, trying to stay ahead of the kids in their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. However, not long ago, a friend mentioned over coffee that her father had recently published a novel. I felt that I *ought* to read it but once I'd begun I was so pleased that I had.
The novel is presented in two carefully interwoven strands. The first is that of the later part of Vincent Van Gogh's life in the late eighteen hundreds, battling mental illness, creativity and constant striving - although for what I'm not quite sure. The second strand is the story of a modern day GP, suffering from depression and deeply moved by visiting a gallery in Paris to see some of Van Gogh's work, particularly a portrait of the doctor who assisted Van Gogh towards the end of his life.
The author, my friend's father, was a GP for many years before retiring early on account of his own battle with depression. The book is not autobiographical but with every page it is apparent that it is written by someone who feels the subject very deeply.
An outstanding example of synchronicity. An illuminating and challenging read which certainly made me, (no stranger to depression), delve deep within.
Go on - get yourself to Amazon and treat yourself *grin*.

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