Friday, 30 July 2010

Sculpting/casting body parts

I think I have mentioned before that I liaise with a local community arts organisation to provide art workshops for local home ed children. Well, we had one such workshop this week and it was a blast! The theme was sculpture and body parts, having particular regard to Antony Gormley as we are very close to the Angel of the North sculpture.

We did a few things and learned lots of techniques with sand, clay and plaster, which I will get round to blogging about in time, but for now here are some of our clingfilm and sellotape body part casts.

First wrap clingfilm loosely around the body part to be cast. Here's Hermione doing Nana's foot.

Once your chosen body part is covered in clingfilm, then laugh and enjoy while your friends cover the area with a few layers of sellotape. Use smallish pieces and don't pull too tight.

Once done, cut down the cast on one side. You may choose to do this your self or have someone else do it. If you have pulled the clingfilm too tight it may be difficult to get off without hurting.

Have more sellotape at the ready to close up the cut you have just made to remove it. There you have it - Nana's foot immortalized in clingfilm and sellotape.

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