Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Working the balance

It's a funny old world don't you think? Doing this. Doing that. Working the balance. Manifesting dreams. All in between the hum drum and ecstasy that is.

Goodness, the whole 'balance' business still eludes me most of the time.

So, what have I done today? I've kept a calm head and not shed a tear despite the realisation that there is something sadly wrong with the whole of my potato crop. I don't know what it is. They look fine. Looks aren't everything though - potatoes shouldn't have a soapy after taste and give you a sore throat! I've even kept a calm head when Craig has attempted to humour me by talking in an Irish accent, (the Potato Famine and all that you know). Perhaps I shouldn't mention that for fear of causing offence. He means no offence - he's just very immature *grin*.

I discovered today that litmus paper can be fun. I've always wanted to do some dipping but the closest I have ever come to it are those odd pregnancy tests where you have to insert the stick into a plastic tub. We tested vinegar and orange juice. We've a tub outside to collect rainwater for testing too. We all hope our little tadders, soon to be little froglets, aren't swimming in very acid rain.

I'm loving the fact that the children can now make dinner. As a combined effort they made pasties, from scratch, with millet, spring onion and cheese filling. Not a usual high street combo but delicious all the same. Even Craig ate it - but then it was a pastie!

We've also been swimming today. We'd not been for well over a week which is very unusual for us. What with my dodgy eye then a few days away it's just not been possible. It was good to be back and hopefully we'll soon get back into our 'every other day' swim rhythm.

I've also spent rather a lot of time today thinking about the Raoul Moat situation - a man who, last week, sparked one of the largest manhunts in recent British history. It all happened a bit close for comfort. I know people who live in the area where the first shootings took place and also have good friends who live in Rothbury where he hid out and was finally surrounded. My friends in Rothbury opted to leave their home as the situation escalated, for the safety of their child, and stayed with other friends out of the vicinity.

I've been thinking back to my studies in criminology as part of my law degree, many many moons ago that is! My mind has been pounding over the well trodden arguments about incarceration, retribution and rehabilitation. Trying to think how it could have been different. Trying to think of a way in which this could have ended differently. So desperately sad on a levels and I can't figure out if it is (as suggested by some media sources) due to a failure of 'the system' or is it one of those things that, 'just is'?

On a lighter note I've been manifesting a trip here, hopefully later this year. I think I could get into the Glamping. Nu nite, I'm off to bed imagining lying in a four poster bed with a luxury bathroom right on hand - whilst in a tent!

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Sarah said...

Hmmmm...my forensic psychology studies haven't helped me figure this one out either. It was never going to have a happy ending, I fear :-(sb

Claire said...

Ooooh, forensic psychology eh? Prepare to be interrogated about this in Esquires some time :-)

Sarah said...

Haha - not that interesting really - packed it in to be a mummy instead :-)