Friday, 3 April 2009

Herbs on wheels

I'm hoping I have solved our herb problem. Not last summer but the one before I didn't use as many herbs in cooking as I would like, because it often would have meant trekking across a muddy and hen plopped lawn to fetch some. Last year I planted a basket container and kept it near the door, but there was never enough. This year I have decided to utilise this rather sad old wheelbarrow. I've covered it with plastic in the hope the seeds will germinate quickly. Here's hoping to lots of handy herbs!
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Elizabeth said...

Very clever idea! Our neighbour once did the tiny bell carrots in his wheel barrow--it did work well for him.

Anonymous said...

thats a good idea :0)

Anonymous said...

Great idea

Eleanor said...

Loving this idea - herbarrow lol.
I could do this. If I had any sun in the back yard. :(
Think I might do it out the front. I said might. :)