Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Oh, bloomin' heck - updated

We have another goldfish which looks in desperate need of euthanasia.

Hermione is out with Nana. I think I will do the deed and not wait till she gets home and sees it in this state. I've taken advice, I bought loads of stuff and yet the things still keep dying.

What on earth made me think goldfishes would be easy to keep?

Edited to add I have done the deed. When the last one was sick Amanda posted a very useful link which talked about humane euthanasia for goldfish. He is currently in a bowl of his tank water in the freezer. As the temperature drops he will pass away peacefully.

I'm quite concerned - about telling Hermione and also about the fact two have died now. We have done all we can but there must still be a problem somewhere. We can't keep getting fish for them to die. I hate it when people take pets on lightly and we can't keep taking fish on if for some reason they keep turning into floaters *sigh*.

I'll probably pull this post later today as Hermione reads my blog occasionally and I would rather she thought he passed away without suffering in his tank as opposed to the freezer.

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