Sunday, 15 February 2009

Broad Bean bother

I bought an extra early variety of broad beans which said they were best sewn outdoors Nov - Jan.

I have spent the last few weeks imagining the development of strong root systems building lots of strength ready for the plants to burst forth any day. Well, I could wait no longer and have just unearthed some seeds. Nothing. Not a root, no sign of activity.

I know I'm a novice gardener and probably shouldn't contradict the 'experts' but I think the seed manufacturers have may be got it wrong. Perhaps the beans may grow in low winter temperatures - but only once they have germinated (which presumably requires a certain amount of warmth).

I now have broad bean pots keeping my chitting potatoes company in the attic.


Bridget said...

Our potatoes from "free pototoes for schools" are arriving on 2nd March. We've been digging over the veg patch today

Claire said...

Ah, now that rings a bell and if I remember rightly I tried to register last year but was too late and they said they would send them the following (this) year - or I may have just imagined all of that! Will be interesting to see if I get any :-)

Elaine said...

Sometimes it is hit and miss with sowing seeds. I bought and sowed some "over winter" onions in a freshly prepared bed in November. So far only about 3 or 4 (out of about 20) have shown any sign of life, and they look so weak I don't hold out much hope.

We're looking forward to getting out free potatoes too. Better get out there and dig I guess!