Monday, 23 February 2009

Rubbish rant

I was going to post tonight about how we are romping on with our WW2 studies and all of the ideas we have for related activities, but I'm going to have a rant instead.

Waiting for our home ed French Group to begin this morning we received a text from one of the mothers who was late arriving at the group, telling us to head to a part of town where we could get loads of files, brief cases etc for free. As it was we didn't make it in time before literally hundreds of box files, trolleys (like those used by air hostesses), brief cases, lever arch files plus lots of other things had been flung from the pavement into a huge rubbish cart to be taken away to land fill.

The items were like new. Our friend had been allowed to take what she wanted by a member of staff who was organising their removal. As we understand it the items belonged to the the local council - Durham Council - and were just being discarded to make way for new things.

What a waste! A waste of the items themselves but also tax payers money!

A friend took photographs on her mobile phone and called the local press. I hope they take the mater up and publicise what happened. It's outrageous!

On a brighter note you may have noticed the fabulous new photograph at the top of my blog. This was taken by a friend, Peter. It is a picture of the sky as seen from our village as the sun set on Saturday the 21st of February. Isn't it amazing? Here are more below.

These pictures are really special to me. Before we moved we used to have a fantastic view of the sun setting. Because of the position of our house now we rarely see the sunset - although we do see the sunrise if we are up early enough. I'm going to hang onto these to remind myself that we are still part of that fabulous sunset here where we are now - it's just that I don't get to see it as much as I would like.

Oh well, may get round to talking about WW2 tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos Claire...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos and yes what a waste of public money.