Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Lantern tour

Craig and Hermione went on a lantern light tour of Durham Oriental Museum last night. I wish I had been there. Apparently it was really spectacular.

Hermione returned home with a couple of paper lanterns and wondered if we could put candles in them. Obviously the answer was 'no' - a tea light in a small paper lantern would not be a good idea. However, I've had a scoot around online for some sort of alternative on I think these may fit the bill.

Not exactly a Chinese lantern but they do glow, they are orange in colour and are made with oranges which are associated with Chinese New Year festivities. They don't look too difficult to make (says she who has never made a candle in her life) and if the orange peel starts to smell mouldy before the candle is all used then presumably you can just 'peel' the candle and reuse the wax that is left.

Possibly a bit late for this year as I think Chinese New Year is all but done. Must make a mental note of this for next year.


Dawny said...

hey you know what might work , my friends got some rechargable candles , they're a little flickering light in a candle holder/glass - they flicker just like candles - just google search 'rechargeable candles' and search it in google images instead of just on the web, it brings up LOADS of battery operated and solar 'candles'
:-) xx

Claire said...

That's a good idea. We already have a battery operated candle for 'candle lit dinners' with the children :-) I'll look out for some small ones.