Saturday, 21 February 2009

In the sack

It's Hermione's birthday this week and there's lots of fun and frolics here.

I have to say I was a bit worried on then run up to her birthday as I feel a bit low on resources right now - time, energy and general ooomph - not to mention the dreaded 'cash' word as we continue to battle a large insurance group following our fire disaster. I've not mentioned the fire and insurance fiasco for a while but it's still going on. It's in the hands of legal experts and experts from various scientific backgrounds. Still not had a penny. Still feeling very much like a small business being stamped on by a huge commercial enterprise. Still trying to keep our heads above water and trust that all will be well in the long run -sometimes easier said than done!

Thankfully I have been overwhelmed with offers of support from organising games, baking, live music and the offer of craft workshops. I've also had some wonderful pre loved toys given to me by one of my best mates. I am so lucky!

The celebrations kicked off today when a handful of local families called by for brunch.

Berries, cinnamon swirls and lots more too.

Dads in sacks! I have some great shots of this but whilst I'd happily embarrass Craig on here I think it best not to identify the other dad - I like him and want him to continue to be my friend!

Iced ring limbo.

Home made pinniana. We filled a used gift bag with sweets, sellotaped the top and decorated the bag. I have to say it was much better than the ones I have bought in the past. I'll never buy one again.

Her birthday certainly has a different feel this year. No big party and no extravagant gifts. Much more low key, homely and relaxed. It feels good though and I'm very much looking forward to more fun as the week progresses.


Anonymous said...

Happy Brthday H.. :0)

homely birthdays are much more fun!!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Hermione!!!
Same week as Emily,xx
A birthday party at home with Friends and games is always a winner I find:-)xx

Ruth said...

Happy birthday:)

Clare said...

Happy birthday Hermione! Only a couple of days after mine :)

Her party looks brilliant, although, while not reaching those standards, my lie-in till 10, long bath while mum looked after the kids and then a pub lunch was much appreciated by me!

Claire said...

Oooh, I'm envious Clare. I hope you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Hermione, I'm sure you'll appreciate a more low key birthday, I know we did this year. xx

Dawny said...

oh Claire , it sounds really lovely :-)
Happy Birthday from us here xx