Thursday, 5 March 2009

Indoor garden organising

Just as I was thinking spring had sprung and I could really crack on in the garden the last day or so has seen snow flurries and very heavy frosts. Never mind, there's always something to be doing - like making this draw string bag to keep all of my seeds in one place. There was a time when I though these frivolous little activities perhaps were just someones way of telling me to get a grip, but now I know they are important - crafting and creating makes me calmer, more reasoned and generally nicer to be around. I no longer apologise for spending time making such stuff. Living crafts. Living life.
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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that crafts would make us all calmer here, why-oh-why-oh-why can't I find the time to get on with the crafting with the kids or without them, have all the bits, a list and gallery of things I'd like to try. Cool seed bag, adding that to my list :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that... I've been making mini drawstring bags to keep jewellery together. I agree with you about making things - I've only just discovered this... :0)