Sunday, 29 March 2009

Riding the railroads and stuff

Oh, what a weekend we have had! I couldn't possibly describe it all before my chardonnay has started to warm and my chocolate has started to melt, so here are the highlights.

As well as winds and rain we also had the most amazing blue skies.

Hermione played a short but very impressive clarinet solo in her music academy concert. I wasn't sure how she would feel about performing solo in front of an audience of about sixty or so people but she was fine. Took it completely in her stride.

I held my first Hen Keeping Workshop. It went well - more of an information sharing, hen stroking, cake scoffing, tea drinking, casual kind of time with nice people. Very pleasant.

We spent a whole afternoon riding the railroad in a rickety old steam train with great folk and great grub. An afternoon we will all treasure for a long time I think.

Hermione hosted her first formal (ish) dinner party in honour of Earth Hour and a great time was had by all.

Finding woodland treasures.

Pausing to enjoy a hug.

Admiring the new shoots in Miles' indoor garden.

Marvelling at a big bridge and little bridge - and the amazingly clear and babbling river running beneath them both.

Creating crochet pots stiffened with sugar and water.

Uh oh, Hermione trying to escape a cloud of midges. I hope it's not going to be a bad midge year.

On top of all this my greenhouse is almost complete, I've planted lots more seeds and I'm even going out on a date soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sound brilliant Claire
really pleased the hen keeping workshop was a success - I may be needing advice soon.

Claire said...

Oh, sounds exciting. Do I detect that you too have been bitten by the hen keeping bug?

Jenny Bear said...

A date ? Do tell!

Claire said...

I'm going to keep you guessing! Robbie Williams? Richard Gere? The milkman? The window cleaner?

Jenny Bear said...

Not the laundry technician? The baker suggests B Manilow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!