Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hermione's Pound Shop

There is much excitement here today as Hermione is ready to throw open the doors of Hermione's Pound Shop.

I have encouraged and supported her in doing this as an educational project. You're never too young to learn the nuts and bolts of business in my view. Way too many people grow up thinking it's easy.

She has made all of the items herself. The only input I have had is in helping to use the iron. Everything is just a pound (plus a postage contribution) as the point of the exercise isn't to make profit - it's just to let her see how business works. Of course, the prices also reflect that the goods are handmade by a seven year old!

We are going to go to the Post Office and set up a special account for any orders she receives. She will need to work out profits having taken into account postage and material costs and budget how much to put aside to buy more materials, stamps and envelopes.

Wish us luck - and of course feel free to pop along to browse or buy. I hope this isn't one of the home ed projects I come to regret!

Edited to add on Thursday afternoon that the first order has arrived and Hermione's ecstatic!


Anonymous said...

Claire thats a brilliant idea.. Good Luck H... I'll go and look :0)

Anonymous said...

Ooo off for a look now, I agree , great idea