Friday, 2 January 2009

Opinions please

Now, it's not often that Craig asks for my assistance when it comes to his business, but he has asked for my views on producing a newsletter for his customers. Since he asks for help so rarely I thought I ought to take his request seriously and put a bit of effort in.

Being chief cook, bottle washer and now business consultant too I thought I'd have a scoot around on line to see if I could find suitable images for the front of a newsletter promoting a laundry - that's the line of business he's in.

So guys, what do you think? Which would be best for promoting a high class laundry and drycleaning service? I want to know what you think - even if only so I can blame you if he doesn't like it *grin*. Perhaps it's time I quit being a home educator and got a job in market research.
Well, we'll kick off with one of Craig at work....
..well, you never know, he may be called Craig - but he's not the Craig I know.

Too earthy?

Too rude?

Too common?

Too retro?

Too saucy?

What do you think? Any possible contenders or do you think I should keep on looking? *grin* Come on now, don't be shy - tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

I think I need to look at the first one again ;0)

*ahem* apart from the first one I like the earthy one.

I'll back and look again to make sure ;0)

Jenny Bear said...

WE LIKE THE Earthy one but the man says he will work on it!

Dawny said...

I like the polkadot retro one, not sure what that says about me though lol ;-)

Claire said...

Thank you ladies :-) I will pass on your comments.

Anonymous said...

I think Craig should enact the first one :) A personal touch is a better idea lol