Friday, 30 January 2009


I've got loads of stuff to be thankful for today - a wonderful afternoon spent with a friend, really easy conversation and lemon drizzle cake, a beautiful glass pendant which she made especially for me and snuzzly hugs with her baby.

I'm also ever so thankful to this lady Rachael Hertogs.

I approached Rachael to ask for help in introducing the idea of reusable sanitary protection to the ladies within a community organisation I'm involved with. Today I received a sample pad in the post and lots of information to share and distribute.

The pad is great quality and feels good. I'm so pleased she has helped me out in this way as I have no new ones and very much doubt that my well loved stuff would tempt anyone to try something new!

You can find Rachael online at Moon Times. Please go along and have a look if you have a moment. As well as sanitary products there are also fabulous artwork, books, cushions and all kinds. I really like the sound of many of her workshops too but unfortunately it would be a fair way for me to travel.

Even if you're not in the market to buy right now go along, be inspired and tell your friends

All of the photographs in this post belong to Rachael and show just a couple of the things she has to offer. They are not mine.


Anonymous said...

Those pads look great, and I think it's also great that you're promoting them :) xx

Dawny said...

I always used to get Yogi tes from a friend of a friend , not had it for ages now.
do they work well these pads then? they look nice.

Claire said...

I've used reusable san pro for going on eight years now and certainly wouldn't change back.

It's a bit like the regular stuff - you have to find what suits you best, but once you have they're great.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look - I've got some homemade pads.

Anonymous said...

Would she mind if I put the link on my sites?

Claire said...

I'm sure she's be delighted if you linked her :-)