Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hot cross buns???

Yes, believe it or not our local supermarket has hot cross buns in. Time to crack open the Easter eggs huh? Give it a couple of weeks and it'll be pumpkins and before you know it Christmas will be here again!

Hermione had a hospital appointment about her hearing today. She had a hearing test a few months ago and failed. The consultant expressed her surprise today that three months ago it would seem Hermione had very significant hearing loss yet today her hearing was well above average. Hermione explained - 'Last time I thought I just had to press the button if I was one hundred percent sure I had heard something - I didn't bother pressing for quiet noises. Today I pressed the button whenever I heard anything.' Arrrrghhh!!!! Never mind, all's well that ends well.

My Amazon orders still haven't arrived so tonight I'm just going to crack on and see what I can do with online resources.


Anonymous said...

lol @ H !!! :0)

Hot cross buns you're the 2nd blogger to mention them.

Dawny said...

aww that's rather lovely lol

Elizabeth said...

Kieran has had us reading Easter books since Christmas day!

Have to say-I was surprised as our Waitrose had Easter chocolates in on Christmas Eve!

Claire said...

I'm really shocked by this Easter business. I know the holiday adds always start on Boxing Day but really - Easter already? It's crackers.