Monday, 19 January 2009

Priorities in the face of a recession

Feeling the pinch in the face of the recession I decided that today we would hit the beach again as it's free - the indoor beach I hasten to add - the sleet showers could possibly have interfered with sand castle building at the 'real' beach. Sounds great in theory but sitting on the deckchairs, watching the children play, nana and I commented on all the shops around either empty or having closing down sales. That's when the beach excursion stopped being free. 'Well I'll look first while you watch the kids, then you go' said nana. Sounded good.

What a luxury, child free shopping. I could really wander and rummage. So many bargains to be had. I staggered out of the shop with easy thread needles, fabric paint, a shoe organiser, candy canes (there was shortage last Christmas and I don't want to be caught short again this year) plus lots of other very essential purchases. They were essential. Honest.

In fact not only was my little splurge essential, it was also for the greater good. We must SPEND our way out of recession. Perhaps I should have spent more. Bought more essentials for the greater good. Thinking about this I decided to ask Craig to bring me some chocolate home - kill two birds with one stone - hormones and recession - what a result!

I guess it's true - you can add whatever spin you like to suit your purpose. I've seen this a lot recently - people taking a situation and putting a spin on it to suit their own objectives. Never mind, on this occasion I've managed to bag myself a whole load of goodies and have chocolate on the way.

I suppose the only question to be answered is why the purchase of crafts and chocolate is for the greater good in the midst of a recession, yet last night I advertised on Freecycle for an exercise bike. Priorities eh?

Can I really blame the recession for my skewed priorities? Guess not but it was worth a try.
Edited to add that if I can justify spending on chocolate and crafts to help ward off the recession I really must do the exercise bike business - I've had no responses from Freecycle some I'm now 'watching' a couple on Ebay. Wish me luck. I desperately need to shake what I've got.


Lynn said...

What a great idea,an indoor beach!! Glad you managed to find some bargains:-)
Funnily enough I was going to ask on freecycle for an excersise bike too,but keep forgetting. I thought Emily might manage to get the motion of cycling better on a stationary bike and then find it a little easier to transfer that to a real bike.I will nip off and put in a request.xx

Anonymous said...

I'm not keen on the cycles, cross trainers are good or air walker even. Got both of these from freecycle.