Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ho ho ho

Miles was decidedly indifferent. Personally I thought Santa looked rather good this year but was a little bemused by the cheese counter style ticket machine showing your turn number, the waiting area with little tykes kitchen and computer games - oh and then there was Santa's helper in full costume in McDonalds.
I remember the days when I was small and I used to go to the local department store to see Santa. We used to board some sort of sleigh or craft (a very large cardboard affair I suspect) which was wonderfully decorated, made strange noises and 'flew' to another place to see Santa - exit cardboard box from other end and there you go - a magical journal and a mystical wonderland.
Where's the magic gone to? I know I know, in many respects we shouldn't tell our children pork pies - but then what of those magical moments? Bring it back I say.


Dawny said...

awww he looks like a really good Santa :-)

Bridget said...

I'd sit on his knee!!

Claire said...

Stick with firemen Bridget - please!!!