Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Spirals are one of my favourite naturally forming shapes or signs. The whole extremes of the inner and outer, yet the whole connectedness too. I like that.

I know very little about Steiner Waldorf stuff but we often go to a building used by a Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten and I've noticed things about their advent spiral. Below is a pretty one I found online. I'm not sure of the whole Steiner significance of the advent spiral but I think it's a very fitting symbol for this time of year as folks reach out and also delve within.

I feel like I'm spiralling right now. Not spiralling out of control I'm pleased to say. More a case of spiralling in and out of the close hub of family and home - to friends both new and old - to colleagues and business associates (people who Craig works with who we have come to know as a couple) - to neighbours and more. A season of extremes. Plans for small intimate times with nearest and dearest but also time to reach out and be all embracing. Crafting and baking with the children - music and merriment with friends. Incidentally has anyone ever made wassail? I've plans for that later this month.

Although life is extremely busy right now I feel that we are doing a lot more of what we want to and a lot less of what we don't. That a good thing. A very good thing. Life's too short for it to be any other way. I think our advent calender/planner has helped. While we have gotten behind on some activities, (we have the ingredients but haven't yet baked our fruit cake) most things have gone to plan.

Some of the highlights have been gathering greenery and fir cones in the woods. Celebrating the abundance of mother nature. Marvelling at her strength. Remembering that we are strong and that we can carry on even when the wind tries to blow us away.

Taking food for cats and dogs to our local rescue shelter. The staff at the shelter were absolutely fabulous with the children and told them the stories of how many have come to be in the shelter. By the end of the visit even Miles at age three has a grasp of how many animals come to be there. Why can't so many adults? Those places will be full till the rafters come January no doubt.

Harvesting our willow. I'm amazed at how quickly it has grown. We have lots for crafting and have made a start on a big wreath for above the mantle.

Just wanted to say thanks again to all who have responded to Hermione's survey. We are making lots of progress on the writing front. Rather oddly it seems that as many families are winding down for the festive season Hermione seems to be really cranking things up on the educational activity ('work' doesn't sound quite right) front. Oddly enough though I seem to be doing the same. I've been talking to lots of people this week about setting up new home ed activities at a home ed building resource nearby. Lots of interest and enthusiasm. I'm feeling upbeat and positive. More on that another day, I think dinner is about to burst into flames!


Lisa said...

Lovely to hear someone so upbeat!!

Hope dinner didn't burn!

Claire said...

I managed to rescue it. Don't you just hate it when you're quite engrossed in something then you smell burning :-)

Lynn said...

Lovely post Claire.I am so glad you are feeling so good.:-) xx

Dawny said...

I love your spirals , especially the top one - what is it?
You're so organised Claire :-)