Saturday, 20 December 2008

Quantum chimney decent theory

Forget that - I think I need dynamite behind me right now *grin*. Having a blast. Partying, crafting, cake festing (or that's how it felt earlier today when I was introduced to parsnip cake).

Dashing to take the kids to see yet more twinkly lights before we join friends for dinner and I make the last minute preparation for our family Yule tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy....

Nana's cute crochet candles. You won't burn your fingers on these.

Popcorn and cranberry garlands.

Thank you to everyone for the healing thoughts for nana's brother. He is much more stable right now. The leukemia is still aggressive but the chest infection he is fighting on top of all else seems to be responding to medications. He's still in hospital and we know that all that can be done is being done.


Lynn said...

glad to hear Nana's brother is stable.xx

Anonymous said...

love the crafts :0)

Anonymous said...

Still sending good thoughts, Nanas candles are fabulous.