Tuesday, 2 December 2008


We had arranged to visit friends in back and beyond today but cancelled due to the weather. Probably best not to risk getting stuck in the wilds where gritter lorries rarely venture.

Instead we shopped locally for chestnuts to roast, made candle holders from glass jars and tissue paper and also did lots of maths. Hermione is quite confident ‘carrying’ numbers now which seems like a bit of a mathematical milestone – so that’s good.

I’ve also been thinking more about things I’d like to cover with Hermione next year. I’ve started a blog just to ‘dump’ ideas so I don’t forget them. I read a post on a local list about When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit the other day and I like the sound of this.

All in all I’m feeling rather pensive. It’s the anniversary of my dad’s death around now. It’s always a rather strange time. All kinds of emotions going on.

I’m also feeling a bit pensive about some aspects of home ed. Unfortunately I have been the subject of some very unpleasant gossip within a small part of our local home ed community. It’s been going on for months but I haven’t coped well with it over the past few weeks. Thankfully I have had lots of support – but that doesn’t take away the pain of some of the dreadful things that have been said. I am concerned that if it becomes too unpleasant for me or nana to take Hermione to some things then she will be the one to miss out. How unfair is that? I’ve never been in this position before, either within home ed circles or any other circles for that matter. It sucks… survival tips from home ed veterans most welcome.


Anonymous said...

Claire ((hugs)) my Dad died 11 years ago and anniversaries are hard.

I will mail you later about h.e stuff.

Claire said...
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Claire said...

Doh, just tried to change my comment to add a bit and ended up deleting it!

It's 11 years this week since my Dad's death. Not sure if it gets easier or just different with time.

Yes any advice you can give for surviving this home ed crisis would be gratefully received. I'll watch out for your mail later. I just want to be living in the moment with my kids you know - enjoying the good things and trying to resolve the unavoidable obstacles life throws at us. I don't want to be feeling preoccupied and upset about this sort of thing - it gets me down and it robs my kids of a 'mummy in the moment' because I'm so busy stressing about stuff I shouldn't have to.

Bridget said...

I lost my Dad 8 yrs ago, his anniversary was a couple of weeks ago.
I could say ignore the comments but I know that's hard. We get things like that every now and then. It does wind me up. luckily I'm so busy most of the time I don't get the time to brood on things. I want my children to remember me as "The fun Mum" not the one always worried about what evryone thought of us. Why can't people just butt out and look after their own lot instead of poking their noses in your affairs.
Keep smiling and try to keep ignoring.

Claire said...

Thanks Bridget. Keeping busy does help - and thankfully it's certainly the season to be busy!

Sorry to hear that you have also lost your Dad. ((Hugs)).

Anonymous said...

I'll put it here...like Bridget says probably best to ignore..but not easy. I've had problems with other home edders and will mail you. I think like most things in life you have to find your own way..sometimes groups just don't work but sometimes you do find people who you get on with and tbh you can form your own 'group' or circle of friends..

Claire said...

Thanks Amanda. You are both right - I need to just get on.

I also need to keep things in perspective. I am fortunate enough to have lots of wonderful home ed friends here and join in loads of great activities. That is what I need to think about and concentrate on.