Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Six sided snowflake

I've posted this for you in particular Helen. You know when we had a bit of a crafty pj day a couple of weeks back and you started making one of these and were ticked off by nana for not starting out with four sides, you being a novice and all that..... *grin*
Feeling very crafty at this moment. Met a couple of local folks this week who are also into crafty things. Hoping to be able to share ideas and be inspired.


Anonymous said...

I really like that..instructions?

Claire said...

Here's a link with some pictures which are quite helpful http://www.allfreecrafts.com/nature/ojo-de-dios.shtml

It's one of those things that seems tricky at first but you very quickly get into a rhythm with it and then it's really relaxing. It's good for quite small kids too.

We tend to use any straight stick rather than specific crafting stuff. If you have any willow nearby that is good for these.


Anonymous said...

ah yes we've done those but not the six points like the snowflake, thanks

Claire said...

You just add an extra stick

Dawny said...

I love that :-) thanks for the link x

Jenny Bear said...


I will sort out a couyple of craft packs for the bairns if you want to call next week sometime?

Claire said...

That would be lovely Jenny. I'll email you to make arrangements.