Friday, 5 December 2008


I've found the playroom floor.....

..given the lego mountain a good scrub in the bath (the bath was almost full!)

...and prepared a set of twenty homonym cards and it's not even lunch time!

I'm so pleased as I have been procrastinating about homonym cards since spotting some here and quite liking them but not wanting to pay that much for them. Also, the lego has been screaming for a really good scrubbing for months but I've only now been shamed into doing it after noticing that one of Miles' little friends left looking rather dusty after a couple of hours in our playroom yesterday *blush*.

Still to do - one cake to be baked, crafts to be organised for timebank trading this evening, watercolour illustrations to be done (by the children) for a home made gift, more negative numbers work with Hermione and more....

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Anonymous said...

I want what you're on!!!